Soren Jahan grew up in suburban Boston and studied film in New York. There he developed

his parallel interests in electronic music and latex fetishism, by beginning to produce his own tracks and investing in his first pieces and beginning relationships with play partners.


After university he took these interests to the next step, by beginning his new alternative lifestyle as an owned slave, starting his second record label, and getting booked to play in Berlin's Panorama Bar. It ultimately became clear that Germany's capital would be the best environment to live out these two passions to the fullest.


Berlin is world-renowned for both its electronic music scene and its open and tolerant attitude towards alternative sexuality. The decision was clear and with a bittersweet goodbye to his Owner he started his new life in Berlin in 2013.


In Berlin, Soren was able to move beyond sampling from fetish videos for his audio productions, and begin to score and execute sexual performances for alternative cultural institutions such as the Kit Kat Club, Pornceptual and The House Of Red Doors with his partner Aja. He also took up analog photography and began an Instagram account to present his work.


In early 2018, Berlin based alternative photographer Andreas Fux stumbled upon Soren's Instagram page and an intense creative relationship began. After hundreds of rolls on Andreas' Hasselblad and several scarifications on his body, Soren continues to sharpen and develop his photographic eye. Other influences on his style include Jeanloup Sieff, Helmut Newton and David Lynch. 


Soren's Instagram account continues to be the only place his works have ever been published. 


These days Soren can be found working part time at Blackstyle Latex, developing and scanning images in his own home studio, continuing to produce music and DJing.


Photo: Nevy Rey